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Hardwood Refinishing


Refinishing existing hardwood can give your floors a facelift and a new lease on life. The transformation your floors go through is remarkable. We use the NWFA sanding process to transform your floor and revitalize it. Our training and experience allow us to provide the highest quality refinishes to our customers. We also use the highest quality equipment and materials to provide unparalleled results. We know that the industry is always changing so we stay up to date on new equipment and finishes on the market to allow us to create even better finished floors. We don’t want you to just use your floor, we want you to love it.

Our customers all share one big concern, dust. Dust is part of hardwood flooring refinishing but it doesn’t have to be part of your home. With the right vacuum system the dust can quickly be removed and contained. Our dustless vacuum systems are unmatched and the 3 HP electric motor really sucks. The dustless system is cutting edge and a must for customers.


Hardwood flooring, like any industry, has made some advancements in the past 20 years. Finishes have changed a lot and have made a lot of great improvements. Water-based finishes have become industry leaders and offer durability without many of the drawbacks. The V.O.C.’s in water based products and HardWax Oil’sproducts are lower and have a reduce smell. Some V.O.C.’s can be harmful to your health and can be present in your home for up to 60 days.



Hardwood floors are resilient. They are able to take abuse throughout the years and when the time comes they can be re-sanded and made to look new.  With hardwood refinishing, the transformation in just a few hours of work is truly marvelous.

Hardwood flooring is a resilient option but it does require maintenance and recoating. After years of abuse the floors will need to be sanded and recoated. The refinishing process is quick but creates a marvelous transformation. When the time come to resurface the floor you may be wondering what will happen.

Things that will happen on your floor-

  • Cracks Filled
  • Sheen even
  • Dirt, grime and germs removed
  • Minor scratches removed
  • Most major scratches removed
  • Pet stains can be removed but not guaranteed
  • Smooth, brand new looking floor
  • Maintenance free for 5-8 years

What to expect from our team-

  • Respectful
  • Tidy
  • On Time
  • Informative and able to answer questions
  • Attentive to special requests or needs
  • Background Checked


We know dust is a concern for our customers so we take dust containment very seriously. We have the best vacuum system on the market to ensure you aren’t cleaning dust out of your home rather than enjoying your floor. The vacuum system we use is a trailer mounted 3 HP motor.  Traditional sanding equipment and vacuums can expose your home to unnecessary dust but our system removes the dust immediately to be dealt with and bagged outside of your home. We are truly a dust free refinisher.

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