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The Hardwood Flooring Colors On the Rise

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Every year, the hottest colors in interior design change. For years, the colors for hardwood floors have been trending towards bold colors. Those bold colors can be as bright as a deep cherry stain or they can be something bold like black. Those are very different colors, but what they have in common is that they’re incredibly bold colors. In the future, bold colors will stay popular, but neutrals are making a serious comeback.

Neutral Colors

Black is still going to be a popular color, but as neutrals grow more popular, the black stains that are very popular will begin to trend towards charcoal. This range of tones works best with hardwoods that have a straight grain pattern because the grayish black will not reflect much light. Since they look best in matte, a grain pattern that isn’t straight might just look like scratches. The same is true of hand-scraped or wire-brushed hardwoods. Avoid using a shadowy charcoal color with textured floors unless you’re okay with them looking scratched up.

Chocolate browns are going to be on the rise as well. While it might seem odd to stain wood brown, the brown that you get from a stain will be much richer and more uniform than the natural color of most woods. Chocolate stains will be very popular with walnuts and other hardwoods that readily accept new stains. This, like the ashy black, will look best in a matte or a satin finish.

Warm off-whites will grow popular as well. White is technically a neutral but it tends to feel very cool. That’s because most whites and off-whites have just a touch of blue in them to make them look bright. The trend in the coming years will be for off-whites that have just a slightest touch of red to warm them up. The color evokes thoughts of natural limestone. It’s a bold color for a floor but still somewhat cool and understated.

French Limestone

The hottest flooring color in the future is almost certain to be French limestone. French limestone is an off-white that has inclusions of some warm colors. Typically, French limestone has no yellow and no pink. It’s just white with a touch of earth tones that make it look great. French limestone goes great with hand-scraped wood, brushed wood, and other types of textured woods. The color of the wood looks almost like stone and thus, it works well with textures.

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