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Painting or staining hardwood floors has grown in popularity over the past few years. There are trends in flooring that tend to ebb and flow. In the past, light natural colors were very popular. Now, dark colors that are not as commonly found in nature have taken the spotlight. Gray and greige are two of the most popular colors for those who are remodeling their hardwood floors. You can either stain or paint your floors gray. However, many people have one concern. How will they match a gray floor?

Matching a Gray Floor

A gray floor is somewhat of an unconventional choice, which means that it can be difficult to match a gray floor. For example, if you have gray hardwood in your kitchen, you might not want to match it with something like a cherry or a red oak; the colors might clash somewhat. Matching gray usually involves being bold. Gray and greige are very muted, neutral colors. If you try to pair them with other muted colors, the entire colorscape could simply wash out. To offset that, you need something vibrant.

Crimson, burgundy, and other deep reds pair very well with gray and greige. You could choose a dark red wood for cabinets or furniture. You could also choose to paint your furniture. Alternately, you could paint just the baseboards around the floor to create a prominent border. That will lend your entire room the feeling of being a picture captured in a frame.

Shades of Gray

Pairing a gray floor with other gray wood is possible, but it is tricky. It’s not going to be enough to just stain different pieces of wooden furniture with the same gray stain. Every type of wood holds stain differently. So, if you stain an oak floor and a hickory cabinet with the same stain, they will look different. More importantly, they’ll look only slightly different, which will make it look more like a mistake. If you want to match your gray floor with other muted colors, you need to make sure they’re very different.

For example, you could pair a gray floor with black cabinets. Alternately, you could pair a gray floor with beige furniture. The goal is for all of your choices to look intentional. To do that, they need to be striking contrasts. Contrast is what makes photos look great and rooms look exciting. If you think along those lines, you should match your flooring nicely.

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