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About Delaware Valley Hardwood

Meet Our Team

We believe it’s important to know who is working in your home or business! On this page you’ll find a little background information on our team members.

James Kramer – Owner

Hi, I’m Jim Kramer. I’m the owner of Delaware Valley Hardwoods. I’ve been in the hardwood floor trade since 1995 when I started working full time with my Dad. I’ve spent the better part of 23 years trying to perfect my craft and have obtained countless certifications in my respected trade. I’ve traveled the world attending invitation only training seminars or performing my beloved craft in several countries in North America and Europe, learning old world techniques as well as the newest and most refined.

I like to stay up to date with the newest equipment, dust containment, new products & techniques. I hope to never stop learning and getting better at what I do.
I contribute to trade magazines for informational articles and countless forums where floor trades people come for advice and technical info. I field test new products for several manufacturers who trust in my abilities to provide professional and honest feed back and who ask me to provide demonstrations educating other tradesmen on new and old products and techniques.

I want to raise our industry from being known as a somewhat messy and troublesome service to being a clean, practical and educational experience for my clients. I also support the mission of my trade association to lift all craftsmen in my trade to the next level by spreading knowledge and assisting when and where needed. If the tradesman is highly skilled in both craftsmanship and customer relations, the client will have a much better experience and spread the word that our trade is not as the reputation from yesteryear leaves it to be.

I love my craft. I push myself to do better on the next project than I did on the previous. Be that by adding an upgraded piece of equipment or new technique or product, or implementing better customer service and education.

I will not accept a project where the client does not want to do it correctly. I would rather not take on a project than deliver under expectations and feel as though I shorted not only the client, but myself.

I don’t just DO wood floors, I strive for #ExcellenceInWoodenFloors

Andrea Kramer – Owner

Bio coming soon!

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